Super Price

Our pricing is meant to fit any budget from a low-cost personal super fast site to a robustly supported business site.  No matter the option, we think you will find our pricing some of the best around.  There are two fees: one-time setup fee and a monthly package fee.

One Time Setup Fee

Choose one of the following:

  • $25 - Basic Setup.  We get it going and you do ALL of the design and development
  • $150 - Standard Setup.  We set up to 16 pages in a format tha works for you.  This includes up to three sets of edits to get things looking how you want it
  • $299 - Professional Setup.  Standard Setup with on-site photography and in-person consultations to get things looking how you want itl

Monthly Fee

Monthly Package Fee

Use this package if...

Support Available

DIY Tool


Set-it and Forget-it

One or two updates per year

None: online docs only

Limited App**



You are comfortable using mobile apps

Email + Phone

Limited App**



You need some help updating a few times per year

Phone + Email + Monthly Visit

Full App***


Full Service

You need some help updating more than once per month

Phone + Email + Visits as-needed

Full App***


*-invoiced bi-annually

**-includes adding/editing unlimited pages, but no fancy stuff beyond the initial set-up

***-includes adding unlimited everything including all fancy stuff like embedding live streaming video from your business, mobile nav links, integrated video boards, forms for data collection, and truly much more!

Super Fast. Super Easy. Super Support.
5am - 8pm Sun - Fri; 9am - noon Sat