Insta Page
Instagram might be the last mainstream social media platform before the Internet of Things takes over as the dominant tech of this decade. While we are waiting for IoT to hit big, we want to make sure we leverage the most popular social media platform to make life easy. InstaFast allows you to create a full web page from your Instagram post! Listen closely, this is NOT embedding your IG stream in a website, we are creating a new web page from the data on your post. To enable this feature, from the Super Fast App, you must first enter your IG username. This is under Edit, Full Info. To create a new page through IG, simply create a post as you normally would, but make sure the very first tag is #superfastsite. If all you want is the picture, then you need nothing else. If you want a title, then after #superfastsite type some text. If you want a description, then after the title text, use the tag #details, then type more text. For example, the caption of a new IG post of a sunset might read: #superfastsite Sunset on Clearwater Beach #details This was taken last Friday while on vacation in Florida - I miss it!. After the post has been created, on the Super Fast App, tap Run InstaFast from the main menu. Check your Super Fast Site to make sure it looks right.
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